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SOS Children's Village - Iloilo

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The vision of the village is to provide a place for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children or children in extremely difficult circumstances.

To enable the children to belong to a home and a family. Where competent and responsible SOS Mothers and SOS Co-workers provide unconditional love and inspiration.

Provide support and encouragement to the children so they take their place in society. To enrich their God-given talents so they contribute to the progress of the human family.

The SOS Mothers are women who have dedicated their lives to a family of children entrusted to them. Each family comprises 8 - 10 children of boys and girls of various ages who live with their SOS Mother.

Just as in a natural family biological brothers and sisters are always kept together in the same family house.

The SOS childrens village at Iloilo has 12 family houses that in 2005 provided homes for around 44 boys and 63 girls.

Luzette at Family GatheringLuzette with some of the SOS Children

Luzette at Family Gathering       Luzette with SOS Children

SOS Children are of all AgesSOS Children's Group

SOS Children are of all Ages        SOS Children's Group
Make a Donation of Any Amount - You Choose

Make a Difference - Educate a Child

Educate a Child
$10 will educate a child for a month
The $ refers to US Dollars (USD)


Make a Difference - Feed a Child

Feed a Child
$6 will feed a child for a month
The $ refers to US Dollars (USD)


Make a Difference - Medicine for a Child

Medicine for a Child
$4 will give medicine to a child for a month
The $ refers to US Dollars (USD)


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