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SOS Children's Village
2006 Report

SOS campaigns with no firecrackers was a great success

Children, Mothers, Aunties, and staff celebrated New Year's Day with loud noises by hitting garbage drums and other things that would create sounds and at the top of their lungs shouted a welcome to 2006.

In the month of February activities began with the PEDA TEAM who with the Village Director went to the " Queen City of the South " - CEBU.

Here we took part in enhancement training on " Parenting Our Children by Parenting Me. " This training was later given to all mothers, aunts and co-workers in the village.

We were taught how to rediscover ourselves and for us to relate with other people especially to our children
- " Heal yourself before you heal others."

It enabled us to rediscover ourselves ... and heal "wounds" of our past experiences in life.


Medals and Awards
In March our children were excited when they received medals and other special awards in school, especially our children who finally graduated.

There were five (5) graduated from the preparatory and seven (7) from elementary grade.

We are proud to say that, both Alora Abetong having general average highschool grade of 86.40%.

Jullie Ann Sedeño achieved the national best students award in the elementary category with a grade of 94.19%.


Fund Raising
In the same month, we had fund raising activities, first
"A night of Magic" with a famous magician.

Our SOS Choir Members showcased their talent in singing and we had SHOOT FOR A CAUSE - with the cooperation of Hon. Mayor Gregorio S. Brazas, Zarraga, Iloilo.

All this opened SOS doors to other possible sponsors, friends and donors and was attended by 105 participants.

One of our child sponsors came here in the Philippines for a holiday and she was able to visit her sponsored child and they spent time together.


Activities and Workshops
Last May 31, 2006, Twenty one (21) children were included in the summer dance workshop culminating activity, audienced by shopping mall goers, visitors and friends.

Two of our children were able to have voice lessons and joined the Iloilo Children's Choir. They performed in two local activities in the city celebrating the National Heritage Month and participated in the Yamaha recital performance.

It was also the month of our youth summer camp held in a beach resort on the outskirts of the city. Our energy was really tested because after the outing it was followed by our village Sports Festival.

There was cheer dancing, flag raising by team, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, sepak takraw (local sports), boogle, sungka (local sports), badminton, extra challenge, interpretative dance, extemporaneous speaking and chess were held successfully.

As part of our energy conservation program (ENERCON), we utilized our jetmatic pump donated by the Rotary Club-Iloilo to reduce our water consumption.


School classes started in June with a total of one hundred four (104) children enrolled in public and private schools (preparatory, elementary and high school level).

Three boys have special class in SpEd school in the city.

Because of your love and sacrifices, in helping us we have strengthened our mission and vision. We owe all of our success to all of you.

On behalf of our 107 children, mothers, aunts, and co-workers, MADAMO GUID NGA SALAMAT and God Bless!

Sincerely yours,
Village Director



Dear Luzette and family,

Greetings in Peace!
Our warmest greetings to you and to your family.

I am confident that you were inspired by what we've done in the village during the first half of the year.

We really acknowledged your gift of love to our 107 children when you visited us here in SOS-Iloilo, PHILIPPINES.

Your continuous support, love, and concern will always be our inspiration in our day to day tasks.

Again, on behalf of our 107 children, SOS mothers and Co-workers thank you and God Bless us all.

Connie Lanes
Sponsorship Secretary
SOS Children's Village, Iloilo
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