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"All money from the sale of this philippine art by native philippine artists goes directly back into the native community that created it."

100% original artAll artworks featured are handcrafted by philippine artisans and guaranteed to be genuine one of a kind.

Each artwork is unique, created from patterns passed down through native generations and retained only in the mind of the philippine artist.

No two patterns are alike and not even the original artist would be able to recreate a copy identical in design or size. The handcrafted artwork uses all natural dyes.

Map of PhilippinesThese artworks were handcrafted by the "Badjao" people of "Tawi-Tawi" which is a small island group of 307 islands off the southwestern coast of Mindanao.

The Badjaos live in small villages that consist of fleets of boats and houses on stilts.

Their main livelihood is fishing and weaving. The Bajau people are known for their weaving and needlework skills.

The artwork is handcrafted from "Buri" also known as the century plant, (Corypha elata Roxb.). This is a palm from which buri, raffia, and buntal are obtained.

The buri fibers are extracted from the stalks, and can be rolled and weaved into mats, bags, decor, giftware, wrapping materials, shoes, purses, window blinds, attaché cases, table accessories, wall paper, screen dividers, decorative pillows, lampshades and even clothing.

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