Lighthouse Pictures

Are you interested in lighthouse pictures, or anything to do with lighthouses ?

lighthouse ornamentThere are many items on the market with a lighthouse theme, from musical boxes to garden ornaments.

Whilst it's true you can't have lighthouse pictures outside in your yard, you could purchase a lighthouse birdhouse or a few lighthouse lawn ornaments.

These outdoor features will allow you to give passers-by a small glimpse of your indoor passion for lighthouses.


Adding a lighthouse plaque to a lifeless lavatory wall would give you something to admire while otherwise engaged.

You could have one lighthouse picture best viewed whilst standing and another one on the opposite wall for viewing when seated.

What about a few lighthouse pictures in your bathroom ?

red & white lighthouseA traditional red-and-white stripped lighthouse set on a rocky cliff.

Or maybe you prefer an abstract fantasy lighthouse.

Lighthouse pictures can be print reproductions, photographs or even an original lighthouse painting.

Luzette Villareal has an original painting of a lighthouse in her Seascape collection, called appropriately
" Guiding Light ."


Lighthouse Pictures


The artist has captured a real sense of depth in this lighthouse picture. It seems as if you are looking through a window to the view of a lighthouse outside on the rocks.

However, it's difficult to capture this sense of depth in the picture of the painting you see above.

Another way to add a lighthouse to your bathroom would be to consider using soap dishes and dispensers with a lighthouse theme.

Or if you really want to brighten up your bathroom, what about a colorful stained glass window.


The bedroom can also be a place to show off your love of lighthouse pictures.

There are hundreds of beautiful images of them in all types of settings and even as the background face to a clock.

If you don't like the idea of a clock in your bedroom, what about a lighthouse wall clock in the living room ?

Candles in the shape of these beautiful structures also make a perfect addition and often feature breathtaking lighthouse pictures down their sides.

The living room is also a great setting for your lighthouse memorabilia and collectibles.

Not only will you spend many happy hours enjoying these wonderful works of art, but so will the visitors to your home.

It's a chance for them to share in the majestic quality of your lighthouse collection.

Let's not forget a lighthouse brings light, so what better than to add a lighthouse floor lamp for a real touch of class.

In what ever way you choose to indulge your passion for lighthouse pictures or all things lighthouse, you can be sure there is no shortage of forms to choose from.

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