Free Musical Ecards

Send Free Musical Ecards to your friends and family and help feed a child. Watch the online video that shows how free musical ecards can help children in need.

Just by using our ecard service you will be helping to feed a child by increasing the visitors to this site.

By sending free musical ecards you encourage others to visit the site to view and listen to the card you have sent them.

More visitors means more chance for some of those visitors to support a child through one of the two children's projects on this site.

For as little as $2.95 a month you can provide supplemental feeding to one malnourished child for a whole month.

Apart from the satisfaction you gain from knowing you are helping a child, anyone you send musical ecards to will also know you are helping.

Turn on your Speakers

Your $2.95 a month will also give you access to more
Musical Ecards as well as special user privileges, like special animated musical ecards like the one above.

And soon custom ecards using your own pictures.

Alternatively you may wish to make a Single Donation to an SOS Children's Village that provides shelter, food and education to abandoned and orphaned children.

Even if you decide you can not or do not want to give a few dollars, then you can still give by sending one of our Free Musical Ecards to someone you know.

Help spread the word, bring a smile to the face of someone you know and a smile to the face of a child you don't know - Send a Free Musical Ecard.

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